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Tobin, Reitman

Clark, NJ

Wilhelmsen Ship Service



Staten Island, NY

Hair Club for Men and Women   Before Picture

New York, NY

View After picture Below

Hair Club For Men And Women  After Picture

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the technicians who helped us with our Manhattan site. I spent a good portion of Monday working with Mike getting our phones out and the analog lines working. He is a great guy and extremely helpful. The center was crazy that day with dozens of contractors, movers and Hair Club staff all over the place. He did not let any of that bother him and got his work done in a professional manor in the middle of the chaos. David was there for us on Tuesday and was just as helpful. I’ve worked with a lot of technicians over the years and I wanted you to know that this was one of the best experiences I have had. These guys really make Mitel look good. I have let Vanessa know that we would like to work with them on any future projects whenever it is possible.


I also want to thank you for being so quick to help us out with this major project. It was a bit stressful and overwhelming but all three of you certainly made it a little less so.


Have a great weekend!!



Anne Valliere | Manager of IT System Services/Business System Analyst

Hair Club for Men & Women  |  Service Beyond Technology


New York, NY

Crystal Symphony Cruise ship

Docked In New York Pier 90

Crystal Symphony Cruis Ship

This Is a typical before picture of the existing wiring inside the back panel of the stateroom dresser. Voice cables and PHY Bridge unit with Cat 5 Patch cables intermingled with electric.   EMP from florescent lights is causing IP phones to lock up

New Yory City

Crystal Symphony State Room

This is an after picture of the rewiring of a typical state room    RJ11 jack and PHY Bridge IP converter Installed below the shelf away from electrical wiring, crossing it only in a perpendicular path. Now with copper shielding on all wires and securely fastened to rear panel inside the stateroom dresser. Over 400 Staterooms and Suites were rewired by various teams in several ports

New York , NY

Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship

Another After Picture of a Typical Stateroom

New York City , NY

Crystal Symphony Cruise Ship

I just spoke with Dave and it sounds like everything went very well on the cruise ship over the last two days. They completed all of the rooms except for 2. Room 7088 is quarantined and the occupant of room 7126 wouldn't let anyone in because he was sleeping. Anthony Fell is aware of the remaining rooms. Dave's team in now off the ship. The team got along equally well with the passengers and crew. The passengers were joking with the Banach Communications Team by calling them  "The Men In Black" because of the color of the companies shirts. The crew asked them if they wanted to meet at the "crew only bar" but they did not go. Rob, I mention this to highlight the work that Dave and his crew does on every job he works for Mitel. If we need another show of force in this or any other port, Dave and his team can be counted on as a resource for Mitel. I am sure Dan will agree.

Thanks again to you and the extended Banach Communication s family






New York ,NY

H2M Before Photo 1



Huntington, NY

H2M After Photo 1



Huntington, NY

H2M Before Photo 2

H2M After photo 2

Huntington, NY

H2M Before Photo 3  (Frame)



Huntington, NY

H2m After Photo 3 (Frame)



Huntington, NY

New York Life Insurance



120 Broadway New York, NY

Construction Site Edison New Jersey

This is a typical ceiling wire installation. Cables ran through wire management in tight bundles with tight turns

Edison, New Jersey

Ceiling Construction

More bundles and turns

Edison New Jersey

Construction site   Open Wall

This is an example of a plastic grommet which protects cables from damage on sharp edges of metal studs, along with stand offs which keep cables away from the stud so that they are protected from screws during sheet-rock installation

Edison, New Jersey

Fujitec America

Hi Darla,

Thank you very much for your assistance.  Your technician Dave Banach and his crew were here today and took care of all of my needs.  I am very happy with the service I received today and I am requesting that Dave is assigned to all of my service calls going forward.



Rhonda Valle

Fujitec America

Clifton, NJ

Drummers Collective

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Our tech Mike was great, he's been extremely timely in getting our jobs done and very easy to work with. This is the 2nd job he has done for us in the last few weeks and he has done a great job both times.




New York, NY